PayPal V Stripe

We’ve been hearing more and more about Stripe, the new kid in town payment processor. But what about good old  PayPal? They have developed a trusted brand and have a long history of processing payments on the internet.

Let’s do a quick review of PayPal V Stripe. Let’s look at We’ll compare each payment processor in two key categories: Transaction Fees and Customer Service. This information is sure to be of value to folks of every industry: home builders, Pasadena MD tree services, limos, house cleaning Pasadena MD and the like. These companies are sometimes not in a position to pay large banking fees. We don’t intend to declare a winner, but to point out the differences and help you  make an informed decision.

Transaction Fees

The fee for PayPal is the same, 2.9% + 30¢. But, they offer discounts as volume goes up. The discounts start to kick in at $3,000 (2.5% + 30¢), $10,000 (2.2% + 30¢), and at $100,000 per month. This may look like a better deal on paper, but PayPal is sure to toss in some extra service fees that certainly complicates things.

Stripe is simple. They have a flat rate charge of 2.9% + 30¢ per charge for folks doing under $1 million in volume per year. This rate varies slightly country to country, but it’s stays flat. They won’t disclose special high volume rates or things of that nature.

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Easy Credit Card Machines

What are credit card machines?

cropped-ccmachines-1.pngCredit card machines are small, user friendly machines that landscape architects and other businesses use to process credit cards. Once a service provider is ready to be paid, the credit card or debit card is swiped through the machine. The credit card machine, already connected to a merchant account, verifies that the credit card has the funds available for that transaction, places a hold on the funds, and then transfers them to the bank account of the services you use: the limo St Paul or landscape designer Pasadena MD – they find uses for all financial related matters. There are numerous types of credit card machines available, including a manual credit card machine where the card information is typed in, rather than the card being swiped through and a credit card imprint machine (the credit card details are imprinted on special paper during the transaction process).

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